What We Do

The British Anglican Cursillo Council has 3 purposes:

  1. To be a resource to the Anglican dioceses in which Anglican Cursillo is active.
  2. To be a communication “hub” that links all the affiliated dioceses.
  3. Exercise oversight of the operation of Anglican Cursillo in the United Kingdom in accordance with the licence agreement and agreed Constitution that exists with Roman Catholic Cursillo of the United States of America.

BACC will assist all affiliated dioceses to develop in adult Christians a consciousness of their mission to become leaders in the work of Spiritual renewal.

The BACC officers will consist of a President, Secretary and Treasurer who shall all be lay persons, and a National Spiritual Director who shall be ordained in the Anglican Faith tradition.

There will also be a Standing Committee consisting of members drawn from the British Anglican Cursillo Dioceses who will attend meetings with the BACC officers to develop and administer all aspects of British Anglican Cursillo within the United Kingdom.

Latest BACC Constitution - adopted May 2019.