UK Ultreya 2023

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If you are booking either of the extra activities on Friday, please make prompt payment using the details at the end of this page.

Paying for an extra activity on Friday.

To secure your place for either of the extra activities taking place on Friday 1st, please make prompt payment to Canterbury Cursillo. Their Treasurer politely requests that separate payments are make for each activity, and that the following references are used (please put the reference on the reverse of any cheques):

These references will allow Canterbury Cursillo to identify who has paid for what.

You can pay by:

Direct bank transfer - preferred:
Acc name:Canterbury Cursillo
Sort code:30-91-60
Acc no.:00405730
or Cheque:
Payable to:Canterbury Cursillo
Send to:
Adrian Fellows
17 Meadway, River, Dover, CT17 0PS

If you have any queries, please contact Adrian by email at adrianfellows_743 _at_