Contact Us

The following will help enormously when contacting the right members of Standing Committee, should you have enquiries or information to share.

Please note that BACC uses two domains for its online presence: anglicancursillo.CO.UK and anglicancursillo.ORG.UK.

For Clergy enquiries:-
            Rev'd Stephen Bowring, National Spiritual Director
            E.MAIL: nsd _at_

For Secretarial enquiries:-
            Richard Tabberer, BACC Secretary
            E.MAIL: secretary _at_

For Cursillo Finance enquiries:-
            Beth Gascoigne, BACC Treasurer
            E.MAIL: treasurer _at_

For Publicity enquiries:-
            Tim Coles, Publicity Officer
            E.MAIL: publicity _at_

For Cursillo Leaders Workshop enquiries:-
            Rev'd Judy Craig Peck, CLW Convenor
            E.MAIL: clw _at_

            Mrs Angela Smith, CLW Administrator
            E.MAIL: clwadmin _at_

For Cursillo Resources enquiries:-
            Rev'd Canon Tony Tucker, Resources Officer
            E.MAIL: resources _at_

For Website enquiries:-
            Steven Ridley, Webmaster
            E.MAIL: website _at_

For Register enquiries:-
            Richard Tabberer, acting BACC Registrar
            E.MAIL: register _at_

For other enquiries:-
            Beth Roberts, BACC President
            E.MAIL: president _at_

In 2020, the BAC Standing Committee made the decision to obscure the email addresses listed on the website following several nasty phishing email incidents. Now, all emails on the website are displayed (and linked) in the form: {name} _at_ {domain}, eg. website _at_ When you click on such an email, you will need to edit the email address automatically inserted into your new email.